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At Four Elements, our Mission is to provide an extraordinary social haven, where guests feel at home while indulging in an unparalleled shisha experience. We strive to surprise and delight, fostering genuine connections and unforgettable emotions, guided by our core values of respect, family, and unwavering commitment

We believe in crafting an ambiance that transcends the ordinary

Four Elements offers more than just a shisha or cocktail; it is a retreat where clients find a home-like environment to escape the daily routine and unwind, savouring the taste of personalized shisha flavour accompanied with author cocktail with delightful emotions 

We aim to introduce people to new flavours 

Four Elements is a lounge bar which is focusing on surprising taste receptors both in hookah and cocktails.  We want to take an opportunity to diversify taste palette of our guests. Our taste-wise goal is to step away from classical well known taste and build a new taste variation which will stimulate taste buds to explore new flavour variations. 

The shift from well-known classical taste  to author taste direction personalised for you 

Both shisha and cocktails are not representing well-known classical taste, we present our vision through crafting home made preparations, freshly squeezed natural juices, hommeade syrops and much more

Four Elements Shisha Lounge Bar Barcelona



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